2014 – Year of the Horse Crazy Cat Lady

On New Years, I was sitting at home in my pajamas (like the party animal I am) and was watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve. According to Ryan Seacrest, the top five events (based off Facebook statistics) for 2013 were beginning a relationship, ending a relationship, moving, traveling, or graduating. Based on that, I have done absolutely nothing this year.


^ Seriously, the story of my life.

Basically, if you took the top five events from my Facebook, it would be sleeping, working, cats, dogs, and books. So, in the spirit of actually doing something this year, I made a list!

I just turned 24, so that seemed  like a good number for my list.

Here we go!

  1. Complete a Zombie Run.
  2. Take a girls trip.
  3. Finish writing my first book.
  4. Read 50 books.
  5. Run a 5K.
  6. Take a honeymoon (since we missed it in 2012).
  7. Tour a plantation.
  8. Go to a theme park.
  9. Tailgate and attend a Clemson Football game.
  10. Splurge on clothes.
  11. Take more pictures.
  12. Finish my Clemson T-Shirt Quilt.
  13. Remodel the spare bedroom into a functional space.
  14. Get my mermaid tattoo.
  15. Dye my hair.
  16. Start Graduate school.
  17. Go to a fancy party/Go out dancing.
  18. Decorate a pair of canvas shoes.
  19. Dress up for Halloween.
  20. Grow my own food.
  21. Shop at Ikea.
  22. Finish decorating at least one room in my house.
  23. Dress like at least 5 different Disney Princesses.
  24. Take a trip outside of South Carolina.

Assuming I keep up the the goal of writing, I will try to actually update this when I actually finish things.

Happy New Year!


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