18 Things I Learned from Boy Meets World

I love 90’s sitcoms. In my opinion, they are very clever compared to most modern TV shows and they did actually deal with realistic situations. Boy Meets World was my absolute favorite growing up. It did deal with a lot of real issues, as well as some off the wall situations. (Ex. Cory and Topanga moving to an island to carve coconut figurines for a living.) But I did learn a lot from Boy Meets World, and here it is!

1. When you know, you know.

2. Relationships take work.  Persistence pays people!

3. One good teacher can change everything.

4. It is never too early to name your children.

5. Be yourself.

6. To avoid disappointment, don’t expect perfection from your partner.

7. Looks aren’t everything. Unless you are just outrageously attractive.

8. Makeup is hard.

9. A lot of people don’t read. At all.

10. If at first you can’t make someone like you, pester them relentlessly until they can’t even remember how to pronounce their name correctly. They will break eventually.

11. Life’s tough.

12. No matter how well you think you know someone, you never actually know them until you are roommates.

13. Dancing can get you out of any situation.giphy (2)
14. If dancing doesn’t work, just casually run away.

15. Boy fights are way more funny than girl fights.Cory-Shawn-cory-and-shawn-31997900-245-170
16. You only live once. Eat the pizza.

17. Don’t stay up too late.

18. And last, but not least, siblings are the best.


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